Saturday, May 28, 2011

because my life is usually super busy and it takes me a while to get projects done... here is one that has been in the works for about a year. my boys bedroom is going to be a space theme. pretty hard to figure out something for a 12 and 6 year old, but this is gonna be cool. so last year, we painted the one main wall black. and that was as far as we got. confession, the blue tape was still on the ceiling because i'm too short to get it off without a chair and i kept forgetting to get a chair.  
alas, yesterday, i had about 3 hours to finish the project. i have had this tiled wall mural of the earth from the moon for years. multiple multiple years. in all fairness, i was going to get the mural up a lot sooner, but then i found out that it was slightly too big and i was going to have to cut it down. well that also took a long time to realize what i could do and how i could do it. finally, yesterday, i got a spur in my boot and figured up the math (for the most part, i did it right too) and got it cut down. so i was by myself and had to call my mom to see if she would help me. so with mom's help and then the fes (foreign exchange student) to get the tall stuff, this is the final product of their wall. the boys want a bookshelf to be hung on this wall to look like it's floating in space... 
what do you think?

my goals for this weekend is to finish up the boys room, so maybe future pictures will be coming soon. at least a more final project. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

birthday spread
we are having our monthly birthday spread at work. and since i'm pretty bored at home these days (shockingly, pretty calm and not much to do) i am bringing 3 things. one is
pineapple cream cheese bread. it's baking right now and smells sooo good. get the recipe here!

the next thing i'm making is divine halfway bars. recipe here.
i've seen some like this before, but knowing that this is "divine", i just had to try it.
i will say, mine isn't turning out as pretty as launi's but i have to see what it is going to taste like. 
i'm sure divine!!! 
this recipe is courtesy of launi, the wonderful woman who taught me about hypnobirthing. it was amazing and saved my daughter's life and made a possibly stressful birth and complications very calm and peaceful for me. she is in utah, so you should check her out if you live there. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

last day of school was on thursday. and my princess had an amazing teacher (well both K teachers were good, so they both got treats) we did something for each day of the week for teacher appreciation, but i didn't take any pics. here is what we did for the end of the year, with a sugar scrub and a good little poem i found

here is the poem. we did the brown sugar scrub instead of lotion. teachers loved loved it!!!

A teacher has such special hands,

So many things they do,

They teach the tiny children

And yes, the big ones too!

They watch over precious lives

while parents can’t be there.

They reach and teach so lovingly

To those for whom they care.

They work on crafts, they clean the mess

They know each book that’s read

They lift, inspire and touch a heart

With each kind word that’s said.

A teacher has such special hands,

So many things they do.

May this little bit of lotion

Help preserve those hands for you!

i'll link up the recipe for the sugar scrub. i love it. this link has honey in it, and i haven't used honey, but it sure does sound good.  i use it in the shower all the time. and it is so simple and good for your skin!!!