Sunday, May 22, 2011

last day of school was on thursday. and my princess had an amazing teacher (well both K teachers were good, so they both got treats) we did something for each day of the week for teacher appreciation, but i didn't take any pics. here is what we did for the end of the year, with a sugar scrub and a good little poem i found

here is the poem. we did the brown sugar scrub instead of lotion. teachers loved loved it!!!

A teacher has such special hands,

So many things they do,

They teach the tiny children

And yes, the big ones too!

They watch over precious lives

while parents can’t be there.

They reach and teach so lovingly

To those for whom they care.

They work on crafts, they clean the mess

They know each book that’s read

They lift, inspire and touch a heart

With each kind word that’s said.

A teacher has such special hands,

So many things they do.

May this little bit of lotion

Help preserve those hands for you!

i'll link up the recipe for the sugar scrub. i love it. this link has honey in it, and i haven't used honey, but it sure does sound good.  i use it in the shower all the time. and it is so simple and good for your skin!!!

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