Wednesday, August 31, 2011

my challenge started before this month. i knew i had to do something and in july, i decided i would begin something in august. i saw that you were doing a challenge, and i hadn't really followed wellness mama too much; however, i did really like your homemade recipes for toothpaste, deodorant, etc.
 i decided to do your wellness challenge.
 i had no clue what it would entail. i had never heard of paleo or primal before a month ago. i've always lacked protein. and i love bread, pasta and all those other grainy foods. but i decided to go for it, see what it would be like to give up the grains and sugar. 
typically, my attention span is short, 
so a month is usually too long. i decided to see what i could do and just go from there. 
some of my major 'health' problems have been a major lack of energy, being tired, not feeling rested in the mornings, stress, and wanting to tone up/lose some weight. my family history is rich with bad health and i have always said that i did not want to have such problems, so i have focused on my health for a while. 

i started off the month with carb flu. it passed pretty quickly, but i did feel the effects of it for sure. but on the first sunday of the month, i fasted for 24 hours, from saturday night until dinner on sunday. and for the first time in my life (i'm a regular faster), it was easy, i wasn't starving and
 i didn't scarf down food as fast as i could get it. 
i made crepes and chocolate decadent dip for my family. i realized how family and kid friendly a lot of the food was. i also realized how many carbs are in a banana, and putting two of them in a smoothie is probably too much. i watched fathead over the course of a week, as i cooked paleo. 
i researched more paleo and found tons of recipes. i bought my first coconut flour. and my second. but i'm only half way through my first pound. after all that i baked, the cookies, brownies, crepes, pancakes, fruit dip, pizza crust, cheddar biscuits and who knows what else. 
i made mayonnaise and realized that there is a major learning curve. i haven't given up and i'm going to try it again. slowly this time. which is hard since i'm so impatient. 
i made meatza. again and again. and have requests for it again. so i learned that 
our family's tradition of pizza friday night can continue, 
and i can participate. 
for the first time in my life, i bought 10 lbs of ground beef at one time. i'm more or less, meat retarded. i barely know how to cook it and typically have a lot of problems. but i'm learning and didn't screw up anything this month. i made the grain-free one pan spaghetti. and got to eat the leftovers, which was the best part. 
i refrained from bread all month long! and i felt the difference. it felt good. and i never, not once, craved sugar. i did want chocolate or i had the munchies, but no sugar cravings. 
i had already cleaned out most of the chemicals in my house, but i did a few more, made my own non-poo, have some vinegar infusing in the sun and my own "organic sea mist" for my hair, which i love. i use lavender in some water for the "smell good stuff" to help my kids go to sleep. 
i typically get enough sleep, and am in bed by 10 or 10:30 at the latest, on almost every night. 
i made the yummy probiotic lemonade. i am getting another scoby for kombucha from a friend, but i have my roobios tea to make with it. and i can't wait. i made whey for the first time. how cool was that! 
my stress hasn't gone down. but i guess that is because of my job. 
i have had energy problems still, but for the most part they are better. 
i know when i need to eat some fat and protein though and can listen to my body.
i know i don't have any major problems, such as gluten or dairy intolerance or any other allergies. 
i still wake up and could take a nap within an hour or two. i know its a problem. i like sleep. 
i lost some weight, but also stopped checking after the mini challenge. but it's still in my mind.

one other odd thing, that i'm going to have checked again though, is that my blood pressure was very high for me towards the end of the month. higher that it ever has been. i'm going to see if it was a fluke or what. 
i have made some good friends. i really like writing and checking in the forum. i started posting more on my blog... you still need to get a button so we can put them on our blogs to link to you.... and i have talked to so many people about how i feel. people i work with know that i'm the health guru/nut/freak/genius and i have been able to share my knowledge with others around me. 
this wellness challenge has turned from being something i thought would be fun to try, to a whole new way of living. it is my wellness challenge so i can be in control of my body and life. 

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