Sunday, January 30, 2011

i made a cake for the first birthday party of the year for our family. we had a farm birthday party for blondie. she loves animals, amongst other things.
this is where my perfectionist gets too much. i liked the cake, but i see my flaws in it. i did use homemade fondant. i need to get over my cheapness and try out the Satin Ice Rolled Fondant - White - Vanilla - 2 lb  one day and i'm sure i'll be amazed. the fondant was great for the white. and then for the black too. the pink turned out great as wrinkled pig skin. alas... i'll stop my critiquing. 


mormon hippie chick said...

I'm honestly afraid of fondant. The cake looks awesome though:)

Leserlee said...

I think it looks pretty great. Sure the green is a little lumpy, but have you ever seen a perfectly smooth hill? I haven't. That pig is awesome!