Friday, February 4, 2011

we have had a number of snow days here recently... and i'm getting some tons done in my days off work. 

valentine's wreath for curly's teacher at school
i saw the idea somewhere (sorry, i forgot the original source), but then i added to it. take toilet paper rolls (which i think is one of the best mediums for crafts!!! and so cheap), cut in strips and paint. it took me a coupel days a i painted the outside, with curly's help, then the next day painted the inside. i used hot glue to put the hearts together. i tried more kid friendly glue, but they didn't work well. so glue gun... and no burns even! then i added the ribbon (here is my hint, i used the ribbon to make the hearts into more of a circle/wreath shape. before it was lop-sided. i think this is much better). then i added the little hangy down things. stickers from the 1$ section at Target, stuck onto the cardboard that came with the stickers. (pictures are from curly too!)

she put these on the fridge and then took pics, i just had to post her creativity!

 here is the wreath on my room divider thing (still not sure what i'm actually going to do with it, but focus on the wreath)
curly took this picture, but you kinda see it better than on the screen. 
********UPDATE 2/9/2011********
curly gave the wreath to her teacher and the teacher loved it! yay! so proud of her!

easy-peasy hair tie for curly (but she isn't here right now to model for me)
once again, i don't have the original source, but i've seen these a lot. take a regular hair band, lots of ribbon, fold ribbon in half and loop over the hair tie and pull. i tied knots into different strips and burned the edges of the ribbon. i'm thinking that i might add some beads or something into it too, just for more fun!

and painted a bookshelf for the boys room. this bookshelf was originally green, made by an old roommate of hubz. i guess it was supposed to be a handmade dvd rack. anyway, i turned it to a bookshelf, then started painting it to pink and purple for the girls room. then i found a different one on CL a while ago and this little gem has been in the closet. until now. the boys needed a bookshelf, their room is turning to the space theme and this will look great. right now, it's just black (leftover from their wall... and i got that gallon for about 4$ on the mis-tint section. still not sure how you mis-tint black, but i'm not that picky!!!)

, but i'm going to do something else to it... open to suggestions!!!

this is the ceiling fan we picked up from home depot
 i love it. and there is buzz lightyear hanging from the ceiling too.. to infinity and beyond!
and of course, star trek, from my nerdy hubz. love him! this is totally vintage
its a space room... this black wall will have a mural of the earth on it. wait and see. it's gonna look cool!!! as we mix star wars, star trek, tron, buzz lightyear and whatever else
but of course, still a work in progress, like everything is around here!

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Leserlee said...

I have found planet wall stickers at our dollar tree. Just another idea for the boys' room. Although the colors might be a little to bright for them, since there is some pink and purple. But it works for A and B's room.