Monday, February 7, 2011

really (really really) quick, i just saw that you can download 14 songs from amazon. i always love free music! here is the link for it! they actually have a lot of free songs, to expand past what was heard at halftime last night. (which i actually liked, but i like a lot of music)

here are the instructions for 2$ credit so you can give your sweetheart (or yourself) some more music!


1. Browse for music at Amazon MP3. All Amazon MP3 downloads play on virtually any MP3 device, including the iPod®. 

2. Find the MP3 album or song you want to give. Click the "Give album or song as a gift" button (or the "Give song as a gift" button). 

3. Follow the instructions to personalize your MP3 gift and click the "Proceed to Checkout" button. (If you do not currently have a credit card and billing address associated with your account, you will need to add them.) 

4. On the checkout page, enter code VDAYMP3S in the box labeled "Have any gift cards, gift certificates, or promotional claim codes?" and click the "Apply" button. Your $2 credit will be added. If you receive an error, make sure you've entered the code correctly and that the promotion is still valid and has not expired. 

5. After you've entered the code, click on the "Give song as a gift" button. On the Thank You page, if you like, you can click the Facebook or Twitter buttons to tell your friends about the MP3 you chose and pass the word along about this offer. See how

Need help? Contact Customer Service via Amazon MP3 Support.

and talking about saving money, i just saw a new website, CouponSuzy where there are tons of what i think are good coupons. let me know if you like the site as much as i do! 

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mormon hippie chick said...

What kind of music is it? I know I'm picky.