Thursday, May 26, 2011

birthday spread
we are having our monthly birthday spread at work. and since i'm pretty bored at home these days (shockingly, pretty calm and not much to do) i am bringing 3 things. one is
pineapple cream cheese bread. it's baking right now and smells sooo good. get the recipe here!

the next thing i'm making is divine halfway bars. recipe here.
i've seen some like this before, but knowing that this is "divine", i just had to try it.
i will say, mine isn't turning out as pretty as launi's but i have to see what it is going to taste like. 
i'm sure divine!!! 
this recipe is courtesy of launi, the wonderful woman who taught me about hypnobirthing. it was amazing and saved my daughter's life and made a possibly stressful birth and complications very calm and peaceful for me. she is in utah, so you should check her out if you live there. 

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Lisa @ Flour Me With Love said...

I hope you enjoy the braid, it's our favorite! Thanks so much for referencing my site too, it is greatly appreciated :)