Friday, February 4, 2011

since i have been procrastinating some time, i took some pics of the girls room. i started this about 6 months ago 
and am still working on the finishing touches. i just finished this swing not too long ago. and i love it!
and i thought of this all by myself. i love using the rope for hair clips. the girls think its cute!
i just have to figure out something for leaves. either toilet paper rolls, or fabric leaves... thoughts???

it might not look like it, but this is a very organized and small closet for 2 little girls. i saw this floating shoe rack somewhere in blogland, after they saw it on some fancy-pancy store's website, for like 200$. this cost me uhhh... about nothing, except for the hardware to put it in the wall. and the paint. this is actually wood from a pallet the hubz brought home. along, with the coat hook on the wall.  
 here is a closer view of the floating shoe rack. pretty cool huh? it's easy. i figured it out. got some smaller wood strips, screwed the purple pieces into them, then used supports and got them into the wall. maybe i should brush up on proper lingo here, but i hope that helps some. if anyone wants to know how i did it, i can do a better tutorial, i'm sure!
 here is another coat rack, right behind the girls' door, with a couple pictures. i want to get a shelf here too, so, that should fill up the blank spot. and another picture i think. i used ribbon to hang the frames, got the frames from the dollar tree
 pretty flowers i painted on the wall. its cute with their little table underneath, however, their room is a mess, so no pictures of the floor right now

and watch for the update of this. this is in the hallway and it is going to be chore central -- or the "helping hands". this part, i just put in a couple nails, put twine on, did mini clothes pins (from dollar tree -- love that store), hot glued (and burned fingers) buttons on and have the kids chore charts laminated. i have a great idea to finish this, but i have to wait for all the little ones to be here and us not have anything going on for it.

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mormon hippie chick said...

Fabric leaves would be cool, I'm trying to think of something interactive for them that wouldn't give you much of a headache...