Friday, September 16, 2011

my body has done some pretty crazy stuff since i started paleo. well, kinda. i started on august 1 mostly. on july 29, something happened to my eye and next wednesday i'm going to have a sty drained from my eye. i was told it was due to a very clogged oil gland in my eye. never had anything like that before. 
during this, i found out that i have a bacterial infection. instead of doing the antibiotics, i've been downing the garlic and cooking everything with garlic. i have no clue if it has helped, but i'd be in the same boat had i taken the antibiotics. 
weather here has been pretty crazy. on tuesday it was 110. on thursday, the high was 70 for a minute. today the high was 90. and due to this, my throat hurts and i think i'm running a low grade fever (which i just let run its' course). but i haven't wanted much to eat. 
which all leads me to my point here. 
even though i don't feel well and my brain kinda said for me to eat some toast with butter, but my body said no way! i ate the topping off of the pizza tonight because i was too lazy to make any meatza or such. but i still don't want toast. or pizza crust. or anything else. which i think is a pretty big feat! yesterday i ended up eating an entire avocado with tomato and ham for lunch. it was so good and made me feel good too. today, i made some mushrooms, garlic, spinach sauteed in coconut oil and then scrambled in two eggs (we raise our own eggs). it was so yummy. 
but i still want something comfort-y. something to make me feel better. i got online and happened across this blog  at the primal parent talking about paleo eating and shared custody. that is my life. it helped me feel better, so even though i don't have the food yet, i just had to talk about this post. my husband and i have 4 kids, his and hers. and diet and food is horrible at the other houses. so even though my house isn't paleo perfect or anywhere close, i know that at least my kids (all of them) have a good diet while they are here. 
and i'm still looking for something good to eat. 
chocolate is always good, right? dark yummy chocolate!
maybe with some of the coconut butter that i just made. oh so easy! i'm going to do it again and take pics, but here is where i learned. so easy!!!

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Stephanie said...

That coconut butter recipe looks great! Um, so does a bathful of chocolate ;)

The past few weeks have been tough for me as well, especially with the whole paleo thing. Hope you get feeling better soon!