Friday, October 21, 2011

i have started to realize that i do have a lot more energy since finding wellness mama, primal toad and a few lots others. eat fat, get fit had just posted about having energy. and i'm realizing that i am getting more energy. even amongst all of my daily major stresses.
i've been up today (got today off of work) about 6:30 am. ate bacon for breakfast about 10 or so. drank water til then. walked my little k to school and back. worked on the cake (not for me, but that cheesecake part sure is tempting), cleaned, blogged, shopped, cleaned a little bit more, went on another walk and i could still be active. this is a big accomplishment for me. whereas i would love to have a nap, i haven't really been tired for a nap. 
i have been sleeping pretty well at night because i can remember my dreams. 
last night i dreamt about the mayans (if you are a SOA fan, you know what i'm talking about)
energy is great. less stress would be great too, but i'm working on that slowly but surely. 
eat lots of fat. 
i can tell when i need fat. 
for breakfast on the go, i will scramble up one or two fresh eggs with coconut oil, maybe some prosciutto and then i typically top it with avocado. 
that makes my day at work so much smoother. i might even have the raw protein powder, just to make sure i have enough protein and fat. 
i have been basically sugar free since august 1. i have had refined carbs i think 3 times and every time, i felt sick.
so instead of feeling sick, i feel good.
i am feeling better, thinking better and perhaps even looking better!

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Stephanie said...

I feel like, for the most part, when I'm not indulging on sugar or carbs, I feel a lot more energetic as well! It's so nice. Especially with our crazy schedule right now, getting up earlier than my body wants to, longer days, more time working (and then cooking), etc.
That egg scramble sounds great!