Sunday, October 16, 2011

one more recipe.
that was a total hit. 
but first off...
breakfast was fried eggs and bacon. yumm. and a plumcot.
throughout the day, i finished the rest of the bacon. 
and then i didn't have any bacon left. 
during the day, my hubby said he had been craving fish.
and i had some flounder in the freezer.
with a recipe that needed a lot of improvement.

so here goes.

1 lb or more of flounder
1 onion
bacon grease
carrots, peas, potatoes (i was lazy and used a mixture of frozen and canned)

put flounder in a baking dish. saute onions in butter from the fried eggs. add in the carrots to the onions sauteing. add in all of the bacon grease. saute that sucker like crazy. put the potatoes and peas in with the flounder. add salt, pepper, celery salt, and whatever other spice sounds good.
dump on the bacon greased/sauteed onions.

bake in oven for 30 minutes at 350

eat up and enjoy!

let me know what you think

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